A New Figma? – Config 2024 Highlights

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As part of Config 2024, Figma announced new features that can transform the way we designers interact with the tool and deal with day-to-day work.

From the integration of Artificial Intelligence to a complete redesign of its interface (UI3), Figma continues to add valuable and innovative functionalities to its platform.

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What do you need to know about Config 2024? Here are some details and their possible impact on the design process.



Figma AI – How to take advantage of “smart” tools

With new AI-powered features, Figma AI will smooth out friction points in some mechanical tasks without interrupting creative work.

New search mechanisms (
Visual Search
Asset Search
) will be able to give context to the words or phrases entered by users, and will even allow finding specific elements through images, screenshots or by selecting similar elements on the canvas, which will be key to save time when working on large projects or with complex design systems.

Likewise, with simple instructions (or
), Figma AI will be able to generate entire mock-ups, helping not only to explore multiple ideas at once and materialize initial drafts and
but to get to the design and prototype presentation stage in much shorter timeframes.. This, together with the option to generate texts and images, makes it possible to contextualize designs and propose solutions that feel more real. (No more
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UI3 – Figma, redesigned

The new version of Figma’s graphical interface marks its third significant redesign since its launch in 2016.

Aimed at improving usability and work experience, the UI3 is cleaner and simplified. The focus is decreased to Figma’s own UI and more space is provided on the workbench, allowing users to have more concentration on their tasks.

Figma Slides – Reimagining Presentations

One of the most interesting tools of this 2024 Configuration is
Figma Slides
. Basically, it mixes the visual fidelity provided by Figma Design with the interactive functionalities of Figjam (real-time comments, annotations, voting and polls, etc.).

Besides being able to choose between pre-designed templates and animated transitions, ready-made prototypes can be embedded in the slides, avoiding navigation between different tabs when making presentations.

By including users with no design experience, collaborative work between multidisciplinary teams is encouraged in the creation of slides without sacrificing the standard design tools included in Figma.

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The new Figma updates are a reflection of the technological trends that are now part of reality. Beyond that, these enhancements will provide your users (new and old) an opportunity to explore different creative possibilities.

And while, as with any change, it may take some time to become familiar with the new interface and functionality, it is undeniable that transformation is an intrinsic concept of design. Therefore, it is necessary to face it in a positive way and find inspiration in the search for optimization of work processes.



  • Figma AI and UI3 are available in beta and are being gradually updated.
  • Figma Slides is available for free in beta version. Starting in 2025, they will have an additional monthly cost.


Config 2024 Recap

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