Strategic Technological Predictions by Gartner for 2024

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Generative AI (GenAI) has brought significant shifts in the mindset of business executives regarding the best way to prepare companies for the future and how to make organizations more adaptable and flexible in the face of changes brought about by new technologies. This is why we present Gartner’s technological predictions for 2024.

It is crucial for executives to understand that, prior to adopting emerging technologies, it is imperative to carefully assess their business and commercial objectives.

Additionally, they must analyze the current situation of the company to accurately determine whether the incorporation of these technologies will be beneficial or not. This strategic reflection process will enable an informed decision-making aligned with the specific needs and goals of the organization.

These technological trends will influence both the commercial and technological markets in the next 3 years.

Here is a summary of these predictions:”

Technological Predictions 2024 Value of AI Productivity

Governments are implementing strategies to recognize AI as a technology that will continue to drive both the public and private sectors, creating legal mechanisms to make initiatives with this technology a reality.

GenAI Tools Will Modernize Legacy Business Applications

This trend will help reduce modernization costs by 70%. As language models are rapidly maturing, they will assist in modernizing legacy business applications, increasing the profitability of operations.

Increased Corporate Spending to Combat Disinformation

Disinformation threatens three areas within the enterprise: cybersecurity, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

Spending to overcome this challenge will increase by $30 billion by 2028, reducing costs in the mentioned areas by 10%. The surge in GenAI has led executives to understand that disinformation is one of the new risks organizations face.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) Will Receive Training in Areas Beyond Cybersecurity

According to Gartner, this is due to new regulations and the potential for new attacks facilitated by AIs.

As many security actions are divided among teams, this can create inconsistencies in support and diminish the organization’s performance in these areas. That’s why the CISO must be prepared to oversee and comprehensively manage all these areas.

Unions Will Grow Exponentially Driven by GenAI Adoption

As many media outlets have been discussing the replacement of humans by robots in companies, it is not surprising that this sector will experience a boom in the coming years.

The call to action is directed at executives, who must have clear communication with their employees about their intentions to integrate AI implementations into the companies.

Taking action in this regard will help prevent organizational turnover and minimize the anxiety of its collaborators.

Gartner 2024 Predictions Fortune 500 Companies Will Recruit Personnel with Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia

These companies comprise a list of the 500 largest companies in the United States ranked by total revenue. To make it onto this list, a company must be for-profit, privately owned, based in the U.S., and listed on the stock exchange.

By the year 2027, these companies will increase hiring individuals who are neurodivergent. . According to Plumer, companies already engaging in this type of hiring see a greater impact on engagement, business outcomes, as well as the productivity and innovation of all employees in the company.

The Number of Intelligent Robots on the Front Lines of Manufacturing Will Increase

This situation will arise due to the shortage of available labor, as manufacturing companies find it challenging to retain personnel for their operations. This is where robots come in, helping to fill that gap.

“According to a Gartner survey from December 2022, it was revealed that 96% of technology workers in the supply chain have implemented or will implement cyber-physical automation, with 35% already having implemented robots, and 61% in the pilot phase or amid their first implementation.”



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