The battle has already begun! Google and Baidu put on their gloves, with their chatbots to face ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT has come to revolutionize the information search environment, it has stirred up the anthill that until recently was not asleep, but quiet in its laurels and has activated the alarm signal of the main search engines; who are investing a large part of their economic resources in research and development, to face ChatGPT so that it does not take away their market share. ChatGPT Bing and Baidu begin the battle


What is Microsoft doing?


Microsoft has already integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, in a statement they have indicated that according to a study they conducted, it shows that they are having a good acceptance in the market, a fact that leads them to consider the possibility of positioning themselves as real competition for Google. Although the inclusion of ChatGPT in Bing is in its early stages, in Microsoft’s official search engine, they are already opening a waiting list for the most interested and for them to be among the first to try their renewed platform. By accessing Bing, you can see an introduction to what Bing offers.

You can view the tests they offer in the updated search engine. One of the advantages that Bing will have and that has been criticized so much about ChatGPT is that it will indicate the citations of the sources, that is, from which sources it will extract the information it will show you, where it summarizes its answers from reliable sources that it searches on the Web. It also reveals that it will summarize the answers to the specific questions and needs of each user. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has stated that they will not only integrate this technology into their Bing search engine but also intend to use it in their office productivity software, in the tools used in video games, and their security programs. If you haven’t seen the new update yet, try it out for yourself here: Bing


And what do they think about the topic in China?


Baidu, the technological search engine in China, is not falling behind. They have reported that they are also creating their own AI tool, called Ernie Bot, which they plan to launch as a standalone application before integrating it into the famous search engine. Baidu’s stock rose more than 15% when they announced the creation of Ernie Bot. They also stated that they are conducting internal tests before unveiling their chatbot, which is tentatively scheduled to launch in March of this year. Keep in mind that Google and OpenAI are not used in China, so Baidu will remain the king in the nation.


Meanwhile, Google…


For its part, Google Google, on the other hand, has not been idle. Its CEO, Sundar Pichai, has announced that they have been working on their own AI called #Bard for years, which is being tested by some trusted evaluators before it is released to compete with everyone’s new toy, ChatGPT. Bard will operate on a language model called “LaMDA,” which learned from real conversations among people that Google has been working on since May 2021. Unlike ChatGPT, which has information up until 2021, Bard will be fed with fresh and high-quality information and will provide data on the source of the information it offers.


For us, we can only wait for this dispute between the big technology companies to bring us more benefits, choosing the best ones, some of them, or all of them wisely and seeing which competitive advantage each of them presents that fits our needs best.

In the meantime, let’s continue to be part of this interesting change, trying and using everything new that emerges, because in the end, what all these IT companies are looking for is to be the essential tool for our daily tasks and to be preferred over others.

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And you, which one do you think you will choose?

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