Success case of the products developed for our client “UNO afp.”

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“Strategic alliances, with the right partners, lead to exceptional achievements.” This is the story behind the success of the products created for our client UNO afp.


UNO afp Success Case


This project began when the UNO afp team, driven by the desire to provide a better experience and simplify the lives of its members, conceived the vision of developing an application that would allow their customers to conveniently access all transactions made within the company. They wanted the ability to view their savings, obtain certificates, and make modifications and fund distributions from their accounts.

An essential part and an indispensable requirement of the challenge ahead was that this app should be user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing.

UNO afp needed to entrust their project to a trusted technology partner who could handle all the details of this important challenge. . They began the search for a partner who could understand all the intricacies of this initiative and align with the team.


That’s when our collaboration came into play, a meeting where we understood the intricacies of the initiative from the very beginning. The integration of both teams flowed organically, allowing us to embrace this project together.


Successful Products - Digital Product Development


Meetings, workshops, and gatherings began, where both teams could come together to understand all the project and company details, verifying requirements, business culture, and seeking the best tools to initiate the development of this product.

The UNO afp business team and Moveapps’ management and design department reached a solution through the product discovery process, which consisted of creating a custom system for the client to ensure that this solution met all the required functions that were initially outlined at the beginning of the project.


Number one app in its category


For this project, the Scrum methodology framework was used, with two-week iterations based on backlog prioritization by the Product Owner (PO). The best technologies in the market were selected to kick off the project, along with personnel with the necessary expertise to carry it out.

The project lasted approximately 9 months, including the discovery and development phases, ensuring that the app was stable during the warranty period and had no issues for delivery.

Throughout the project, we encountered some challenges that, together with the client’s technical team, we were able to overcome gracefully. These challenges included integrating the new app with the existing business systems and merging and harmonizing them to advance the integrations.


Successful results


The result has been more than a success; an app was created that, in addition to being functional and attractive, fulfills all of the client’s needs, providing an experience that has exceeded all the expectations the company had for this product. This success story of UNO afp demonstrates that excellence in service, attention to detail, and meeting project requirements are the steps that lead to success.





Achievements in products developedTestimonial from one of the #Movers who participated in this project

Our talented #Mover, Alexander Castilla, Full Stack Developer, shares his experience. His dedication and skills were instrumental in the successful results of the products created for our client, “UNO afp.”

“The UNO afp mobile application presented a significant technical challenge, but it was also very personally rewarding. It allowed me to delve much deeper into the internal processes handled by UNO afp, centralizing all functionalities in an attractive way for the user, such as opening accounts, fund distribution, and withdrawals. This enables users to perform all their transactions from their mobile device without the need for in-person visits, thanks to technology.”.” Alexander Castilla, Full Stack Developer

But it didn’t stop there; the successful creation of this initial project laid the foundation for further collaboration between UNO afp and Moveapps, with a new challenge: the development of an innovative web notification manager.This demonstrates that excellence and focus not only guarantee results but also foster our clients’ trust in tackling more complex challenges.


In summary, the story behind the creation of UNO afp’s solutions reminds us that having clear goals and embracing them in collaboration with the right partner can lead to success. The success achieved by this client inspires us to continue giving our best.


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