Optimizing the digital workplace Why is it important?

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In today’s digital age, how leaders manage infrastructure and operations (I&O) in the workplace can make a big difference in the employee experience. The adoption of digital tools not only redefines operational efficiency, but also transforms the Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

optimizing the digital workplace

Embracing the digital employee experience as part of the digital workplace strategy.


Hybrid work continues to challenge leaders around two organizational success factors:


  • Organizational alignment facilitated by a culture that attracts and retains talent and makes them feel part of a community, while providing accountability and transparency about how work gets done.
  • Personal and team growth in a context of dispersed hybrid teams, which continue to require strong talent management and talent development.

In the wake of the pandemic, technological capabilities replace team proximity, demanding a digitally dexterous workforce for better business outcomes.

Managing adjustments and mitigating challenges requires organizations to embrace the idea of DEX. It is a human-centered digital workplace strategy designed to help them experience the benefits of digital skills for themselves and their teams.


DEX improves staff engagement and satisfaction in digital environments, preventing change fatigue. Designing a positive DEX benefits employees and organizations.


Optimizing the digital workplace

Keys to High Quality DEX


  • Aligning key partners and developing employee experience strategies
  • Identify digital friction
  • Designing a digital workplace plan



Aligning with key employee experience partners

An integrated, flexible digital workplace requires employee experience leaders to align with key HR, IT and corporate real estate partners. Together, they can work to understand what digital workplace capabilities employees need to be satisfied, effective and prepared.

Includes application leaders for:

  • Expand the employee value proposition to include greater access to and decision-making power over digital technology tools.
  • Focus on understanding areas of digital friction and digital fatigue, and strategies to increase technology training or retraining.

Digital workplaces are not a set-and-forget environment. The reality of accelerated technology roadmaps and expanded technology portfolios means that this partnership must strengthen and evolve. Reviews the DEX and the technology portfolio that supports it at regular intervals to streamline it and reduce redundant applications.

Develop the employee profile

Create personas with detailed profiles that will serve as a tool to inform digital workplace strategy and anticipate what employees with similar behaviors and preferences are interested in. They help digital workplace managers prioritize investments, develop strategic plans and manage friction. Effective people:

  • Focus on the employee
  • Enrich empathy for technology decision makers
  • Improve digital proficiency by supporting team members’ ability and ambition to use digital technology.
  • Discover the diversity of experiences
  • Driving the adoption of digital technology in the workplace.
  • Are actionable

By focusing on specific strategies and allying with the right partners, organizations can lead the change towards a more satisfying and productive work environment for all. It’s time to push for quality DEX for success in the digital age!


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