How “Vision Pro” Boosts Your Work Productivity

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The start of the year 2024 has seen the boom of “Apple Vision Pro,” as we witness how social media platforms have been filled with content related to its launch, its use, its functionalities, and even what not to do with them, especially in public spaces. But besides entertainment, we can see that “Vision Pro” enhances personal and corporate work productivity.

Today, we bring a summary of everything these new spatial computing glasses promise to deliver. Undoubtedly, the floating screens represent one of the new technologies that we all eagerly desire to use, hoping to experience interacting with them. Keep reading and find out everything about it.

What are Apple “Vision Pro”?

Apple is very clear about it, and on its official website, it indicates that it is Apple’s first spatial computer. These glasses are operated by the most natural and intuitive controls available: the users’ eyes, hands, and voice.

This system allows users to interact with digital content as if it were physically present in their same space.


Advantages of using “Vision Pro”

According to some comments from people who have tried it, they indicate that these glasses do not isolate you, as you can see the real world at all times. The interactions you make with the glasses blend together, forming a new reality where both worlds are incorporated. A significant detail that prevents you from feeling like you’re out of touch with reality or isolated in another world.



How “Vision Pro” Helps Boost Your Work Productivity

The “Vision Pro” allows users to be even more productive by providing them with an infinite screen space, access to their favorite apps, and new ways to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

From entertainment to productivity, these glasses offer a wide range of applications, creating realistic virtual environments with great detail.

For businesses, the “Vision Pro” offers powerful tools to enhance collaboration, data visualization, productivity, and the creation of new business models.



Technical Features of the Product

High-resolution OLED display seamlessly integrated with the user’s environment.

Equipped with advanced sensors such as LiDAR cameras and eye-tracking technology, the “Apple Vision Pro” offers an immersive and precise experience.

Capable of running augmented reality applications and games thanks to the powerful chip designed by Apple.

With 5G connectivity and a long-lasting battery, users can enjoy uninterrupted AR experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Its design features an ultra-high-definition system with 23 million pixels distributed across two screens.


Some Functionalities for Different Areas of Work

Although still in its early stages, there are high expectations surrounding this new technology driven by Apple.

  • Enhancement in remote work mode: providing the opportunity to collaborate smoothly and efficiently from anywhere in the world, from video conferences to seamlessly executing multiple simultaneous tasks.


  • Immersive Virtual Meetings: Zoom has stepped up to offer immersive and enhanced video conferencing experiences with Vision Pro, where virtual meetings can be more interactive and collaborative, facilitating communication between teams and allowing users to fully immerse themselves in realistic virtual environments to enhance remote cooperation and decision-making in remote teams.


  • Product Design and Experiences: There are high expectations in the design field due to the array of options that designers will have when implementing designs and experiences using this new tool.

They feature curved 3D micro-LEDs, 25 million pixels, which is more than a 4K TV

The ability to work with multiple screens at once makes it a dream come true for designers.

Adobe is another company keeping up with the new Apple technology, announcing the integration of some of its tools exclusively for use with Vision Pro. From Firefly, Fresco, Lightroom to the social platform Behance.

These integrations will help designers unleash their creativity and create campaigns and products from the perspective of this new technology.


  • Virtual Practices: A wide variety of companies can take advantage of Vision Pro to create environments where employees can be trained. They can also experiment with new products and procedures.


Possible Disadvantages and Challenges

  • So Far Usage Time: Two hours of battery life when connected to an external battery. Although you have the option to purchase additional battery…
  • Its high price makes it inaccessible for many.
  • There are not many integrated applications yet.
  • The attached battery may be a bit bothersome.
  • These glasses can collect information about the environment and user actions, and this is where Apple needs to reinforce and implement measures to protect privacy and ensure the security of the data collected from users.



There is still no date for the product to be sold outside of the United States. We are waiting for its sale to expand to new countries soon.

One thing that draws a lot of attention is that many users are using it in public places, which is not really what they were made for, as their use is for controlled environments or settings, and direct sunlight should not hit the lenses directly.


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