Getting to know ChatGPT: how artificial intelligence is transforming the way we interact with technology

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In recent weeks, we have seen how social media has exploded with images drawn by artificial intelligence #AI platforms. And to amaze us all, ChatGPT has arrived, the AI that is changing the way we interact with technology.

But it doesn’t stop there, because when we enter any of the trendy social networks, the first thing we see are photos of friends that appear digitally drawn by some graphic artist. But what a surprise, they haven’t been created by a human artist, but by artificial intelligence applications, which, through a photo, can transform you into the character you’ve always dreamed of: an astronaut, an Egyptian goddess, or simply make some touch-ups to your image, just by uploading a photo to an application or using the filter of the trendy social network itself like TikTok, and voila, your image is created

But not only the images created by AI are causing a stir, but the new GPT technology is what has everyone searching the web and the GPT platform itself collapsed. And it is because everyone wants to try the platform, to see if what everyone says actually coincides with the true properties that it claims to have, to see how far they can go with their questions, how coherent their interventions are, and even if it has a name by which it prefers to be called, and to confirm that what some say is true, that we are living a milestone in history, where there will be a before and after #ChatGPT, since this new technology is within everyone’s reach.

The arrival of GPT and the availability of these technologies to all web users will mark a great advance in language processing technology, since they greatly surpass their previous versions by generating texts with fluid and natural language.

On this occasion, we wanted to interview the #chatGPT platform itself so that it can tell us in its own words and unique and natural way of responding, what’s new and what its arrival represents

Join me in getting to know it and finding out what it brings us…


Me: Hi! How are you?

ChatGPT: Hi! I’m good, thank you. I’m good, thank you. How can I help you today?

Me: Can you tell me what ChatGPT means?

ChatGPT: ChatGPT is a specific version of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) designed to be used in chat applications. . It’s a language model that has been trained to understand and generate text in a conversational format. It’s capable of answering questions, generating coherent and natural text, and performing natural language processing tasks in a conversational context. ChatGPT is commonly used in applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and automatic content generation systems.

Me: Why is it said that with your arrival, there is a before and after in technology?

ChatGPT: It’s said that the arrival of GPT and similar technologies represents a “before and after” in technology due to their ability to generate text autonomously. Language models prior to GPT were statistical models that depended on explicit patterns in the training data.

GPT and other language processing models based on the Transformer architecture are capable of learning to understand and generate natural language autonomously, which means they can generate text that sounds natural and coherent, even on topics they haven’t been specifically trained on.

Furthermore, GPT and other similar language models have a great capacity for performing natural language processing tasks such as text classification and information extraction, which makes them very useful in a variety of applications.

Me: Apart from you, what other type of AI uses GPT technology?

ChatGPT: There are several other AI language models that use technology similar to GPT, such as BERT, XLNet, RoBERTa, etc. These models are developed by different organizations and institutions and are used in a variety of tasks such as natural language processing, text generation, machine translation, text classification, etc. Some of these models are specially designed for specific tasks, such as sentiment analysis, plagiarism detection, among others..

Me: Some say that your information is not very reliable, what can you say about that?

ChatGPT: As an AI language model, my information is based on the data I was trained on. My knowledge is based on the information available on the internet at the time of my training, and my ability to answer questions and generate text depends on how that data is represented and how I am trained..

However, it is important to note that, like any other source of information, the answers I give may not be completely accurate or up-to-date. It is important to verify information with other sources and to use your own critical judgment when evaluating the information provided to me. I am designed to be a useful tool, but you should always consider the information I provide with caution.

Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s continue then…

Me: Finally, how do you think technology can advance with your arrival?

ChatGPT: AI language technology, such as that used in GPT, has advanced significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so in the future.

The ability to efficiently and accurately process and generate text has opened up new possibilities in areas such as natural language processing, automatic content generation, machine translation, information search and retrieval, and many others

The technology is expected to continue to improve in terms of accuracy and speed, and new applications are also expected to be developed in areas such as education, entertainment, medicine, manufacturing, among others.

Me: Can I take this information you’ve given me and use it in a tech blog?

ChatGPT: Yes, you can use the information I have given you in a technology blog, as long as you cite the source, that is, my name and my OpenAI membership. It’s important to respect copyright and intellectual property rights when using information from other sources, even when dealing with an AI like me.

However, it is important to clarify that my knowledge is based on the training given to me and may not be completely up-to-date or incomplete in some areas, it is important to verify the information with other sources before using it in any publication or article.

My conclusion…

Well, up to here the interview with ChatGPT from Open AI, the truth is that it is surprising how it can generate text that sounds natural and coherent, it is as if you were talking to another person, who knows everything and can generate text in several languages, create codes, news, essays, stories, answers to questions, we are truly experiencing a great milestone in history and it is expected that AI is here to stay since this type of technology will help applications that use chatbots or systems that require natural language use them more and more.

It is important to highlight that we must be up to date and know how to use the new platforms that arise every day thanks to technological advances. AI platforms like ChatGPT help people gather data more efficiently and accurately. At Moveapps, we have developers who can undertake all types of projects related to AI.

As we saw in the interactions with the platform, it has data up to 2021, but with the great boom that it has been having in recent days, it will not be strange to see new updates and new services (offered by social networks) offering services with this technology integrated into their applications.

And what do you think about ChatGPT from Open AI?

If you have any AI-related projects, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to provide you with guidance and assistance.

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