Get to know the personalized assistants ‘GPTs’ from OpenAI

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OpenAI continues with the updates to its well-known artificial intelligence system, and this time it brings us the new ‘GPT Personalized Assistants.

Currently, the GPT Personalized Assistants are only available with the paid services ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise.

What are the GPTs?

The GPTs are chatbots that each user can customize according to their daily life needs and then share that creation with others.

To use it, users need to instruct the chat about the guidelines or theme that their GPT should follow.

OpenAI's GPTsWhat can you do with GPTs?

  • Learn rules of board games
  • Design decals or stickers
  • Learn mathematics
  • Web searching
  • Create images
  • Analyze data

Many creative opportunities for developers

Developers can define custom actions, such as connecting GPT to databases, emails, or using them as shopping assistants, linking them to a user’s email inbox, facilitating e-commerce orders, etc.

GPTs will become smarter every day, and over time, due to their efficiency, they can be used in the real world. OpenAI states regarding this, ‘We believe it’s important to gradually progress toward this future as it will require careful technical and safety work, and time for society to adapt. We have been thinking deeply about the social implications and will soon have more analysis to share

You will have the privacy guarantee offered by the company.

This means that when creating GPTs, you will always have control over your data, chats will not be shared, and if an API is used to create them, you will have the option to decide whether or not to share the data with it. You will also have the option to decide whether these GPT chats can be shared with other models to improve them.

These options are based on the existing privacy controls that users have, including the option to exclude their entire account from model training.

Customized GPT AssistantsOpenAI will create a store.

The purpose of this store is to share GPTs created by the community of verified creators, and later on, they can earn money based on the number of people who use the GPTs created by each of them.

This store will highlight the most attractive and useful GPTs in the categories of productivity, education, and ‘just for fun.

GPT creators are encouraging the community to create useful tools since no programming or coding knowledge is required to create GPTs, and they can thus share their experiences.

Enterprise customers have other options.

They can customize it according to the needs of their businesses and create versions according to departmental uses, among other things. The first Enterprise customers are already creating marketing materials, providing more accurate responses to customers, and aiding in the onboarding of software engineers.

Some GPTs that are already available:

• Sous Chef: created by OpenAI, can provide recipes or tips according to your preferences.

• Travel Guide: you need to customize it, tell it where you are going, your budget, and dates, and it will give you an itinerary tailored to that data.

• English Tutor: similarly, you need to customize it, tell it the language you want to learn and your proficiency level, and it will provide you with a learning plan, which you can continue to customize.

And you, do you think you can create one of these GPTs?





Publicado originalmente el 28 de November de 2023, modificado 28 de November de 2023