Get to know 10 powerful tools to utilize Artificial Intelligence

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With the advent of AI, a world of possibilities and conveniences has opened up. Although many may want to demonize them because we don’t know how far they could go, the truth is that they are tools that many companies are using in their daily tasks, making the work of many individuals easier. Some of these AIs allow for information summarization in record time to optimize delivery times, while others help organize work or even unleash your imagination and creativity. With these 10 powerful tools to utilize Artificial Intelligence, you will see how simple it becomes to perform certain tasks.

AI is here and well-established. Today, we will discuss some interesting ones that are achieving success and can help us in our fields of work. Don’t be afraid, learn to try them out and use them to your advantage. We will categorize them for better understanding.

Discover 10 powerful tools for utilizing Artificial Intelligence2 AI used to aid development and programming:

  • Codeium: With this system, you can autocomplete code snippets. The best part is that it offers a free version for individual users. It has browser extensions and supports various programming platforms. You can access it here.
  • CodiumAI: With this AI, you can analyze the code you’re programming to identify any errors in a timely manner. It provides a free toolkit with AI technology for developers. Access it here.
  • Phind: Having this AI at hand is like having a teacher by your side. You can ask questions, and it will respond with everything related to code and programming languages. Find it here.

AI for conversations:

  • Ariana AI: A ChatGPT bot designed to be used on WhatsApp. It can help you study, search for recipes, write stories for children, assist students, parents, and work-related tasks. It is a paid service, but you can get a free trial. Find it here.
  • DoNotPay: If you need legal advice and you are in the US, with DoNotPay, you have the opportunity to get it for free. This AI was created to assist with legal procedures in various areas. Learn more about it here.

AI for Web Development:

  • Debuild: With this AI, you can create web pages or apps without the need for programming knowledge, and the best part is that it can be done within minutes. To use it, you simply need to write the functions you want the webpage to have and describe how you want it to work. Once you provide all the details, it will generate the code for the web page. Find it here.

IAS for use in content creation for companies

  • Flair: For businesses that need to promote products, with this AI, you can generate photo sessions specifically for them. Find it here.

AI that helps with Business Name Creation:

  • NameSnack: It allows you to create names for your projects and business ideas. This AI works by inputting keywords related to your business, and it generates name ideas for you. Enter here.

AI that helps with Productivity:

  • Mem: It is a personalized workspace powered by artificial intelligence. As described, it serves to enhance creativity, automate mundane tasks, and keep you organized automatically. Find it here.
  • Jasper: A content generation AI. It helps you create content 10 times faster for websites, blogs, emails, etc. Check it out here.

The advancement of technology has enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) to become a powerful tool for various industries. Each of these tools offers unique features and a wide range of possibilities to enhance processes and make more informed decisions in any field.

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