Exploring the growing interest in BPO: how technology is driving outsourcing services.

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Start-up companies have grown exponentially in recent years, especially considering the events of the pandemic, the obligation to work from home, and globalization. It is necessary to stay updated to compete in the market, as times are becoming increasingly accelerated. BPO helps companies stay up to date at a more cost-effective price.

In recent years, it has been very popular for companies to outsource external services to fulfill or cover a need in their business. Let’s see the reasons why BPO is being so acclaimed these days.

  1. What is BPO?
  2. How does it benefit my company?
  3. In which areas can I hire BPO services?
  4. Advantages of hiring BPO services
  5. When not to hire BPO services?
  6. What should I consider when hiring BPO services?

What is BPO?

The acronym BPO stands for the English term Business Process Outsourcing, which in Spanish would be Externalization of Business Processes, but in simple words, BPO refers to the services that a company outsources to perform some tasks, either because it is not an expert in them or because it is convenient to outsource them to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and increase the efficiency of their business.

How does it benefit my company?

Generally, companies that hire BPO services do so after evaluating the investment cost they would incur when creating a department or a new area in the company. When analyzing the requirements of hiring qualified personnel with better knowledge of the industry, internally training them, complying with legal requirements, and administrative tasks, it becomes more cost-effective for them to hire a team that already has everything included, and for which they only have to be responsible for paying a monthly fee. Moreover, the other company takes care of all administrative paperwork. Not having to worry about all these actions allows you to focus on the activities that are specific to your business and, more importantly, your own strategies within your industry.

In which areas can I hire BPO services?

It is worth noting that the rise of teleworking has allowed companies to surpass borders and grow exponentially. Hiring BPO services allows them to be more competitive and helps to offer or optimize their services in the following areas:

  • Human resources management: hiring management of employees
  • Customer service: contact center to manage the company’s customer service
  • Customer service: contact center to manage the company’s customer service
  • Technological equipment: whether to develop corporate applications or create a specific solution that the company needs.
  • Marketing and social media management: handling social media and sales strategies for the company
  • Legal management: legal issues related to all aspects of the company’s operations.
  • Sales of products or services of the company
  • Internal or external surveys to collect specific information.

Advantages of hiring BPO services:

  • Cost reduction: the main advantage of hiring external services is to reduce costs, as the hired company takes care of all the labor costs associated with hiring more staff.
  • Expertise of qualified professionals: having trained professionals who know what to do and how to do it is part of the benefits that hiring BPO includes.
  • Speed in achieving goals: it avoids wasting time on the learning curve that creating a department from scratch generates, allowing for agile achievement of business objectives.
  • Working based on goals and results: the BPO team has specific functions, with clear goals and will work to achieve them..

When not to hire BPO services?

Reliability of the company, when the BPO service provider you plan to hire does not demonstrate reliability or does not provide any examples or projects in which it has participated. Communication problems could also arise when the service is hired in a different country or time zone.

Another reason may be the lack of control, as some companies are protective of their internal guidelines and choose not to outsource their services because they believe they would lose control over their internal processes, which would hinder them when hiring them.

What should I consider when hiring BPO services?

  • Quality of the services provided
  • Experience of the company offering the services
  • Demonstrable success stories in the area to be hired
  • Closeness and close treatment, which favors better communication between teams.

In summary, nowadays process outsourcing has become a good and effective solution for companies in these times.

If you are interested in hiring technological BPO services, at Moveapps we can help you and guarantee your success by adding value to your business, with a dedicated and qualified team.

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