6 Tools to Strengthen Your Team’s Communication

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When we have remote teams, it is crucial to have collaboration tools that facilitate the joint execution of tasks, to ensure that teams can collaborate efficiently and effectively. Good communication is essential to avoid misunderstandings, improve productivity, and strengthen relationships within the team.

Communication toolsTools that enhance communication

  • Trello is an application that automates and integrates workflows. It has a visually appealing interface and is composed of boards, cards, and lists. This tool facilitates team organization by prioritizing urgent projects (it all depends on how board members manage it).
  • Figma is an online tool, so there’s no need to download and install it to use. It allows teams to work simultaneously on the same document, improving collaboration. Users can see real-time changes being made in the collaborative work. Figma allows for user interface design and prototyping.
  • Slack is a messaging application for businesses, which makes information available to the team, including messaging, calls, video calls, and collaborative work With it, you can exchange files and integrate with Google Drive, Outlook Calendar, among others.
  • Asana, with this tool, you can manage projects more easily and quickly. You can synchronize the accounts of team members so that they can visualize and automate their tasks. This contributes to meeting project requirements within the established deadlines.
  • Visme helps individuals and teams create engaging and visually appealing presentations and infographics. Being a web-based tool, it can be used from any device, allowing you to organize projects with a folder tree structure. Administrators can assign roles to team members. It also offers templates for both infographics and presentations, and the created content can be published online or embedded on a webpage. It serves to create product demos, advertising banners, and more.
  • Teams is the go-to tool for work teams, as it offers the security provided by Microsoft. With Teams, you can instantly communicate with any team member, hold meetings, share documents, track conversations, schedule video conferences, take notes, and more.

Having good communication helps with:

  • Collaboration among team members: When communication flows smoothly, it promotes more open collaboration and consequently improves expected results. Ideas can flow, and there’s a more pleasant atmosphere among the members.
  • Enhancing clarity: Effective communication ensures that everyone on the team understands all the task details, promoting clarity in directives and avoiding misunderstandings that could later delay set objectives.
  • Team coordination: It enables team members to work towards a common purpose, avoiding potential conflicts.
  • Facilitates feedback: Clear communication with well-defined channels assists in making feedback more constructive. It allows members to be open to hearing where improvements are needed, resulting in better performance from each team member.

To improve team communication, it’s important to establish certain parameters within the company and implement them as part of the organizational culture. Being clear, concise, and respectful is crucial. It’s also important to remember that a well-communicated team should prioritize education and have leaders who are not just bosses but individuals capable of recognizing the potential of each team member. These leaders should act as coaches, bringing out the best in each person, and helping to create a more productive and positive work environment.


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