4 actions for today to increase your digital revenue tomorrow

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Apparently, the number four will be important in this article. A study by the consulting firm Gartner maintains that 4 out of 5 CEOs are increasing investments in digital technology to counter current economic pressures such as inflation, lack of qualified talent, and supply limitations. We will look at some actions that we can take into account to explore how to increase your digital revenue tomorrow.

The term “revenue” is used to refer to a company’s economic income. Through these revenues, a company can understand what is generated through a channel or overall. Revenue is one of the main indicators to determine if a company is financially sound, and it is generally used by managers to gauge whether they are on the right track and whether operations are generating profits. This helps them understand when, how much, and where they need to sell to meet their objectives.

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is now more important in boards, whether they are large corporations or startups with clear goals. As the person responsible for the company’s technological strategy, they have the task of justifying expenditure while also increasing dividends, in an environment that is currently not yielding favorable results in this latter aspect.

How to increase your digital revenueHow to navigate this complex moment?

4 actions that can help you accelerate the economic impact of digital planning:

  1. 1. Identify the type of financial impact desired by the CEO and prioritize the digital initiatives that support it (and pause or halt others).

Listen to signals about leaders’ priorities and concerns, then share your commitment to an initiative aligned with a top priority

  1. Create a visual hierarchy of KPIs to communicate the interactions among related initiatives. .

Top-to-bottom coherence between technical metrics and corporate outcome metrics reveals everyone’s contribution to shared business objectives. While lower-level KPIs might not be as direct, they will always be linked to the main indicator.

  1. 4. Bring key IT talent into the company to drive an integrated team that accelerates prioritized digital initiatives

A well-integrated team led by the company aligns expert professionals around desired business outcomes, thereby speeding up the time to value.

  1. Generate engagement to attract talent from non-traditional sources, which also enables progress on internal projects with less direct financial impact.


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