What is platform engineering?

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What is platform engineering?

Platform engineering is an emerging technological approach that can accelerate software development and deliver products more agilely and at a pace that generates more value.

How Platform Engineering is Used

Platform engineering enhances the development experience and productivity by providing self-service capabilities with automated infrastructure operations. It is trending for its promise to optimize the developer experience and accelerate the delivery of value to the customer by product teams.

It also aligns with the idea of opening up work and technical knowledge to a broad set of business roles and functions. Generative AI has helped level the playing field in this regard.

It is estimated that by 2026, 80% of large software engineering organizations will establish platform engineering teams as internal providers of services, components, and reusable tools for solution delivery. It may even address the central problem of cooperation between software developers and operators..


How it Works?

Platform engineering is an emerging trend aimed at modernizing the development of technological products, especially for digital transformation A dedicated product team creates and maintains the engineering platform, which is designed to support the needs of developers by providing common and reusable tools and capabilities, and interacting with complex infrastructures.

The specific capabilities of an engineering platform depend entirely on the needs of its end users. To do this, it is necessary to understand the needs of customers and users, prioritize work, and then build a platform that is useful for that target audience.

Platform engineering, what is it?

What is it used for?

None is the same as another. Even within the same company, different development teams can have completely different needs.

The overall goal of engineering platforms is to enhance user experience and productivity. For the organization, these platforms foster coherence and efficiency. For the developer, it is a relief from managing low-level delivery and infrastructure.

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