5 ways to approach Artificial Intelligence, “your new client”

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Because they not only increase in number, but also become more sophisticated, powerful, and independent when it comes to making decisions and conducting transactions. We provide you with ideas on how to approach Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Facilitate access to all information about your products and services to clients using AI.
  • They may be searching through 100 different variables, so you need to provide data for all, depending on where they are in the purchasing process.
  • Provide and encourage access to the API, and ensure that CAPTCHA and other bot-blocking tools do not hinder access.


Approach Artificial Intelligence

  1. Incorporate your own version of AI clients into your digital sales strategy.
  • Your effort should be focused on being exceptional in online commerce and omnichannel, including social networks, mobile applications, and chatbots. .
  • Consider the impact of this buyer profile on your sales flow and provide them with valuable information. For example, consider creating a platform to interact with third parties through automated owner registration permissions and preferences, manage and initiate tasks, and facilitate payment receipts.


  1. Develop a solid pillar between sales, marketing, logistics, IT, and analytics.
  • Your team must fully understand what happens when AI shows buying intent.
  • The operational area must be agile enough to respond to unexpected demand patterns.


  1. Invest in a sales and service team that understands how to work with AI.
  • A suitable profile for this area should comprehend and possibly decipher the algorithms driving the purchasing behavior of AI customers or post-sale service demands.


Artificial Intelligence, how to get started

  1. Alert and train the customer service team to detect when they are dealing with an AI
  • It’s possible that robots based on large generative AI language models are already posing as humans and attempting to negotiate, book, and purchase through text-based chat customer service lines, and even through phone calls with high-quality voice synthesis.
  • Their purchasing behavior is logical and rational. In some cases, decades of knowledge and training in marketing and sales to human customers may be irrelevant.

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