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Video Director/Motion Designer

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The “Video Director/Motion Designer” is a professional who focuses on giving movement to graphic design elements, usually presented in shapes, objects, images, typography, aiming to create a specific visual narrative. Motion Design utilizes integrated movements in graphics to emphasize the message, adding energy and visual interest. Additionally, Motion Design not only communicates a message but can also be the message itself when explaining complex concepts.


  • Create videos of different formats, using text, subtitles, voice-overs, stock footage, original material, and animated graphics.
  • Prepare conceptual treatments, scripts, storyboards, prototypes, and animations.
  • Perform post-production work, including editing and adding visual effects.
  • Produce and execute video content.
  • Reuse and edit video content for use in other media such as web, vodcasts, social networks, and campaigns.
  • Extensive knowledge of each stage of the production process, especially lighting, camera work, and post-production/editing.
  • Creativity, always seeking and sharing new ideas to engage the audience.
  • Direct, produce, and seek collaboration with colleagues or external production companies for production support when necessary.
  • Supervise ongoing video projects, prioritize, and track team projects.
  • Use data, research, and trends to propose powerful video solutions.
  • Seek potential audiovisual solutions that, aligned with Communication, can create value in Moveapps’ internal processes and teams.
  • Work in a team and collaborate with all areas of the company.